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10 Step Guide: Online Debt Consolidation Campaign
How a $3B Credit Union generated $6M in personal loans in 90 days

Like millions of Americans every year, this Credit Union's members were struggling to save enough and did not know where to turn. In order to help members take advantage of their great rates, this Credit Union launched a debt consolidation and savings campaign that featured personalized, interactive tools to help members achieve their savings goals.

Results by the numbers:

  • Total Loan Volume: $4M in new balances
  • Total Applications: 826 new applications
  • Total Loans Funded: 320
  • Total Appointments Booked: 71
  • Average Loan Amount: $12,325 (compared to $8,390 last year)
  • Average Loan Balance Increase: 147% higher Year over Year
  • Conversions: 34% conversion rate (6x their typical 5% conversion rate)

Read this case study to learn the 10 steps this Credit Union took to provide the personalized tools their members needed to succeed.

Step by Step Guide: Online Debt Consolidation Campaign

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